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Teachers want the best for their students. However, ever-shrinking budgets make it a challenge to provide them with the best learning materials. Crayola needed to show teachers the value of providing their students with Crayola products. My friend and ex-boss, Alan Zerbe (a very talented art director and creative director) collaborated to create these ads and direct mail pieces. I even named their Shaper Paper product. (Please note: Alan will say he came up with the name. We’ll just have to agree it was a team effort.)


When Hoover launched their new fleet of industrial floor cleaners, they needed a name for the new product line and an ad campaign that would get noticed.

Luckily, my art director partner, Tom Doerfler and I were up to the task and developed the campaign seen here.

Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation

Located 60 minutes north of Philly, the Lehigh Valley is comprised of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. The mission of the LVEDC is to help businesses come and grow within the Lehigh Valley. These materials helped the LVEDC achieve that mission.

The sports jersey campaign in particular was a big hit (pardon the pun). The DM was sent to corporate relocation experts all over the country. While most creatives would’ve developed a series of postcards or a corporate brochure, Alan Zerbe and I created a direct mail piece the audience will keep in their offices or bring home, so the Lehigh Valley is always top-of-mind.

Mack Trucks

There are few advertising mascots more iconic than the Mack bulldog. As you can imagine, helping Mack maintain their iconic image was a tremendous responsibility. But it was also a ton of fun. I’m very proud of the work I was able to produce for Mack.


Most nailers are powered by wires and compressors. However, these tools make an already dangerous job site even more dangerous. This campaign was used to educate construction professionals on the benefits of the Paslode line of cordless nailers.

Creative direction, Tom Doerfler and I also collaborated to develop materials for Paslode’s new line of flooring nails.

Smiths Medical

Not all medical devices are created equal. As a leading manufacturer of products for hospitals, emergency rooms, and specialists Smiths Medical (formerly Medex) needed to educate healthcare professionals about the value of using their products vs. those of their competitors. I was tasked with helping Smiths Medical spread the word through these print ads, and direct mailers.