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After the holidays, 180s hit a bit of a sales slump. They needed a simple and economic way to reach their customers without blowing their entire marketing budget.  These billboards were placed above ski racks in resorts throughout the country to increase sales and brand awareness.


Every once in a while a project comes along that is too good to be true. While freelancing for Amazon, I was tasked with writing web banners for audible.com that would appear on The Onion. The idea was to make the banners look like they were actual articles to entice visitors to click the link and download an audio book. Needless to say – I had a blast writing these banners.

Born Stronger Sportswear

The Born Stronger brand was built around the idea that no obstacle can stop a true warrior. As the social media manager for this startup MMA apparel company, I helped promote this idea through a series of interviews with inspirational athletes, including a judo athlete with cerebral palsy, a one-armed MMA fighter, and other inspiring individuals.

Additionally, I was in charge of developing and managing all of the content for the brand’s social media channels.



These billboards were used to help promote Checkers’ (that’s Rally’s to everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line) new late night hours.

I also helped promote the brand through the TV spots seen here.

KNBT and National Penn Bank

Financial services companies aren’t known for taking risks. But the folks at KNBT (and later National Penn Bank) knew the value of great advertising and encouraged my colleagues and I to do some fun and exciting work. The best part is, the work…worked. Nearly everything we created met or exceeded the client’s goals.


Anyone who’s started a garden knows potting soil is heavy. It comes in giant 40 lb. bags that would be a challenge for a bodybuilder to handle. However, Miracle-Gro Expand ’n Gro is easier to manage because it has been specially formulated to expand when water is added. This allows it to be sold in a lightweight package. I helped create this banner campaign to make gardeners aware of these benefits.

I was also lucky enough to create some fun radio spots to help Scotts sell their line of lawn care products. Feel free to take a listen.