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For many patients, using a specialty pharmacy is a foreign concept. While freelancing at Medco (and later Express Scripts), I created materials that educated patients about the specialty pharmacy process and also helped create trade show materials.

AstraZeneca/Johnson & Johnson: Zyrtec

Many patients are unaware of what causes their allergies. I acted as the UX and content writer for this unbranded app created to help allergists educate patients about what may be causing their allergies or exacerbating their symptoms.

AstraZeneca: Brilinta

After the launch of their breakthrough acute coronary syndrome (ACS) drug, Brilinta, AstraZeneca struggled to convince physicians to prescribe the drug to patients with ACS. The materials my team and I created educated healthcare providers on the benefits of Brilinta. I also helped create materials that educated patients and caregivers. Please contact me for more information about my work for Brilinta.


When Bayer launched their new intrauterine device (IUD), Kyleena, I helped a team of managed markets experts to spread the word and educate payers on the value of adding Kyleena to their formularies. Please contact me for more information.


I helped create managed market materials for a variety of Genentech products, including XOLAIR (indicated for allergic asthma and chronic idiopathic urticaria) and the bio-oncology drugs Alecensa and Rituxan. Please contact me for more information.


GSK: Anoro and Breo

I worked on launching both of these COPD and asthma drugs for GSK. Please contact me for more information.


The annual Drug Trend Conference hosted by Medco (now Express Scripts) is a major event in the pharmaceutical industry. During my time freelancing at Medco, I helped create all of the marketing materials for the event. I also helped develop many of the materials seen at the trade show.


As the drawbacks of the leading brand of bone grafting material were being made public, Orthovita decided to begin advertising their bone graft substitute, Vitoss, as a safer alternative. I helped create these ads that appeared in leading medical journals and acted as the content and UX writer for the Vitoss app.


After the launch of the breakthrough heart failure drug, Entresto, Novartis struggled to convince payers to add the drug to their formularies. The materials my team and I created helped solve the problem. Please contact me for more information about my work for Entresto.

Smiths Medical

Not all medical devices are created equal. As a leading manufacturer of products for hospitals, emergency rooms, and specialists Smiths Medical (formerly Medex) needed to educate healthcare professionals about the value of using their products vs. those of their competitors. I was tasked with helping Smiths Medical spread the word through these print ads, and direct mailers.